Reset Perspectives







Where did "Reset Perspectives" come from?

For many years I have been an avid traveller and photographer either shooting videos or photographs of our family adventures whilst travelling around the world.

My interest in photography has grown over the years and I have honed my skills and techniques. Living on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria there is no shortage of beautiful vistas, landscapes and seascapes to be captured, and I have always thought that one day I would share some of the images I have captured with you.

Life sometimes deals us some nasty cards and on the 31st of May 2015, I found myself on the operating table undergoing an open heart procedure - talk about being slapped in the face by your own mortality!

All of a sudden the things I thought were important in life were no longer important, and the important things in life are the ones you love, and the things you enjoy doing. Life is too short and life is for living!

Whilst recovering in intensive care it dawned on me, my reset button had been pushed and I should follow my dreams and do the things I enjoy doing - "Reset Perspectives" was born.

The beautiful vistas, landscapes, seascapes and my adventures will be shared with you here on "Reset Perspectives".

I hope you enjoy my images and videos, please feel free comment on my blog and share the site with your family and friends.

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David Luscombe