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Auroras, Auroras, Auroras!

Social media and the electronic media has been alive for the last 24 hours with the prospect that the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis will be active last night and this evening.

Here in Australia the Aurora Australis can normally viewed only from Tasmania and along the southern most points of the mainland, and in areas with clear sky's and no light pollution . Early this morning there have been reports of it being viewed and photographed as far north as Kiama in NSW and Perth in Western Australia. The Auroras where clearly visible to the naked eye in suburban Melbourne even with the high levels of light pollution.

Unfortunately I was not able to get out (still not allowed to drive) to try and capture it myself this morning, but I have in the past and in 2012 we travelled to Fairbanks Alaska, specifically to view and photograph the Aurora Borealis, all I can say is Spectacular!

Here are some shots I have taken of Auroras both here in Victoria and in Alaska.